Thursday, February 09, 2012

Decoupling your home from the delivery of products

I get lots of PR companies sending me e-mails about products and services that they think I might be interested in blogging about.

Unless I can "get it" within 20-30 secs it will end-up in the trash box. You would be amazed how difficult some companies make for people to quickly understand their offer.

Anyway, I received an e-mail promoting Kinek. This is what it said and above is the video.

The life of a snowbird has its benefits, but the task of transporting belongings between summer and winter homes twice a year isn’t one of them. Send your stuff too early and it may sit on your porch, easy prey for “porch pirates.” Send it too late, and you have to live for a week or so without it. So it’s interesting to note how quickly Kinek is taking off in winter retirement destinations like Florida and Arizona. Kinek ( – an alternate delivery service that offers secure retail locations to have packages shipped to (and stored in) from any source in the world – has established more than 100 “KinekPoints” in Florida in the last few years alone, and the number is growing fast (Kinek has more than 1300 locations across North America).

What a good idea. I wish there was a service like it in the UK. I am sure the main market is going to be the poor soul living in the city who is rarely at home, but I can see how it could appeal to an older age group. You could argue that if there is going to be a sizeable number of older people using the service then you might age-neutralise the video.

I wish more organisations would present their offer in such an easy to understand way. Dick Stroud

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