Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Tablets are great but TV 2.0 - or is TV 3.0 could be even better

I have written a lot about the way that gesture controls could radically change the way that we interact with our TVs.

That's great but there is a lot more going on with TVs than waving your arms at them.

A product announced at CES from a company call looks like a game changer.

This is what Walt Mossberg of the WSJ had to say when he reviewed the product.

For older people who want limited functionality from an Interent connection then the TV could well be the answer. They have one already - it is ideal for talking to their grandkids - no doubt you could add a couple of other bits of functionality like web browsing.

The idea of getting people to wade through learning to use a mouse and master Windows might soon becoming to an end as tablets and TVs take centre stage. Dick Stroud

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