Friday, February 17, 2012

Nielsen's cross platform media consumption report

What do Americans do with this time consuming TV, Internet etc. How does it differ by age and nationality. All of this for nothing by downloading Nielsen's Cross Platform.

This is what it says about itself.

Americans spend more than 33 hours per week watching video across the screens. But how they’re consuming video -- traditional TV and otherwise -- is ever-changing thanks to availability and advancements, ease-of-use and economics. Whether streaming or satellite, over-the-air or over-the-top, understanding how consumers are tuning in is more important than ever.

This report features information and insights on how consumers in the U.S. are engaging with broadband, time-shifted viewing, steaming video, traditional TV and more.

You will not be surprised by the amount of TV that older Americans watch but you might be by the amount of time they spend in front of a computer. Dick Stroud

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