Saturday, February 18, 2012

Yet another "feel good at fifty" web site

Just come upon another web site targetted at the 50-plus. In this case a ladies only site called

This is what the site says about itself

A website for women over 50, or women who want to be fabulous when they reach 50!

Redefining how we women over 50 see ourselves- and how we are viewed by others. Let’s laugh together, cry together but most of all be fabulous together. With one in seven women turning 50 this year likely to live to be 100, lets live our next half century to the full.

Founded by Ceri Wheeldon , Fabafterfifty is building a community where our site experts and guest contributors inspire, share and inform on topics from health and finance, fitness and diet, empty nesting, style,relaunching  careers , anti-ageing  and a range of other  topics and issues faced by women over 50.

There you go. As always, I wish any new venture wanting to exploit the older market the very best of luck and wish them well. Dick Stroud

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