Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spending power of older people in the UK reduced even further

The results of the latest UK budget are being reported in the press.

The headline in most of the papers is that the " pensioners fund tax cut of income tax cut for 300,000 richest households meaning 4.4 million tax-paying pensioners to lose out."

The current UK government will go down in history as the group of people who did the most to damage the financial futures of older people even more than Gordon Brown.

It is about time the institutions in the UK that represent older people (I am talking about Age UK and Saga) make it clear that they have no intention of dealing with a government that is hell bent on extracting as much money from older people as it possibly can.

From a marketers perspective it will be interesting to see how a very large group of influential people (both financially and in political terms) can counter a government that is hellbent on punishing the old. OK, I have written about this subject more than I should. This is the last blog on the subject. Dick Stroud

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