Thursday, March 01, 2012

Three interesting digital observations

Sorry, another blog posting that has nothing directly to do with the 50-plus but I think will interest most marketers.

First is the TED2012 Talk by YouTube's 'Trends Guru" on What Makes Videos Go Viral.

Next a view about the way the iPad (or its descendants) could become the hub and the TV a dumb output device. Having discovered the power of AirPlay and Apple TV I can see how this could happen.

Finally, some unsurprising words but from a very surprising source. This appeared in yesterday's FT:
Within a few years mobile devices will take the place occupied by desktops. Already smartphones are outselling PCs. In the coming 2-4 years, managing enterprises through smartphones or tablets will become standard.
I read the article and thought the author would be some hot shot from a mobile digital agency. But no, how wrong I was - it was from the co-CEO of business software maker SAP. That really did surprise me. If SAP thinks this will happen then I think it most likely will. Dick Stroud

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