Friday, April 06, 2012

Good insights about ageing boomers in the US from Laurie Orlov

As usual a very thoughtful article from Laurie Orlov who attended the Boomer Summit conference in Washington DC. 

This was the first time I had attended and I agree with her observations. 

Firstly, you should look at this presentation from Mr 'Thought Leadership' at AARP. It contains some interesting data and examples. Obviously, it is focused on the US. See below.

You should also read a report of a session run at the Ageing in America Conference (this was also taking place in Washington) that featured a group of boomer celebrities. Whenever, I read this sort of stuff I cannot help thinking that they are primarily writing about “people like them”. I would be very careful in extrapolating their views to all boomers. Phrases like 'self-satisfied' come to mind.

 I loved the last part of Laurie’s blog.

Sad to say, boomers will be senior, sooner or later. So let’s see a few market changes that could be What’s Next: consumer goods packaging that doesn’t require a hatchet; building codes incorporating universal design elements (hint to Florida); elevators and escalators that always work with platforms that are well-lit (hint to Washington’s Metro); walk lights that always exceed 20 seconds (hint to most of New York and DC!).

Any of you who have ever travelled on the Washington metro will know what she means – it is like entering a darkened pit. Works great but it so dark.

Do read her blog posting since she expresses what I have been saying much better. Dick Stroud

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