Thursday, April 12, 2012

What planet do these guys live on?

Weep or cry or both?

Can you believe it? A group of financial hotshots got together to discuss 'boomers'. A list of the great and the good from JP Morgan Chase, Ameriprise Financial, Lincoln Financial and BlackRock.

What do you reckon they concluded? If you have been working in the age business for longer than a couple of weeks you might want to turn away or gasp in disbelief.

Five Misconceptions About Marketing to Boomers are:

  • They aren’t tech-savvy. 
  • Older people aren’t cool.
  • They don’t spend.
  • They see their “golden years” as a time of relaxation.
  • They are loyal to brands.

If you want to read more have a look at Forbes. 

Isn't it crazy that just at a time when the establishment discover something that has been known for  years the market conditions are rapidly changing and the one fact that should be at the top of the list is that most of them are going to be horribly poor in their retirement years.

No wonder there was a meltdown in the Finance Industry if this is an insight into their awareness of market conditions. Dick Stroud

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