Thursday, May 31, 2012

Enough of all of this Baby Boomer stuff

Sometimes when you write a blog post you are not that engaged with the subject- sure it is interesting - but you don't really feel anything about the subject. Sometimes you write and its from the heart - something delighted, bored, frustrated, annoyed, aggitated you.

Laurie Orlov's recent blog about all of this boomer stuff makes me think that she really is frustrated by the subject. I hope she doesn't mind but I have reproduced more of another blogger's content than normal. I do suggest you read the full contents of her blog :

 Boomers are not a movement. I am so tired of reading about people who have virtually nothing in common with each other except a very broad age spectrum of problems and opportunities that barely distinguish them (other than sheer volume) from any other period in history. Not a special interest group, boomers are a poorly organized hodgepodge of special interests, many of which don’t overlap. The one guaranteed descriptor you can say about them (and every age group that precedes and will follow) is that they will become older, one year at a time, and it is inexorable until death – which could happen sooner or later, based on the latest life expectancy data.

I do agree with her sentiments. Dick Stroud

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