Monday, May 21, 2012

Millennium ADMP bought out of receivership

I am not really sure what this means but Millennium ADMP, the UK's largest agency that focused on the older market, looks like it has turned up its toes.

Wilmington Group Plc, the professional information and training group, has announced its acquisition of the business and certain assets of Millennium ADMP Ltd which is in administrative receivership for a cash consideration of £465,000.

Why I say I am not sure what it means is that Millennium was part of the Involve Marketing Partnership and that looks like it is still in business.

So maybe this is more to do with financial engineering than a change in direction? I expect that the guys at Involve Marketing Partnership will want to set the record straight since right now their web site is showing them as the owner of Millennium.

My guess is that they have packaged up some of the losses into Millennium and cast it adrift and will continue sailing on with the other two companies (United and DMS).

Anybody with any knowledge of what is going on please tell.  Dick Stroud

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