Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I have heard it before and before that and before....

Laurie Orlov's blog is about the groundhog days in the tech business for products for older people.

To be honest, it applies to many other areas of technology as well. 

The thing that technologist still fail to understand, and they have been failing for the 40 years I have been involved, is to realise that technology is simple - people are difficult - people combined with historic bureaucratic processes are impossible.

Walk into a GP surgery, a hospital, a care home and it is like walking back in time. Could technology help. You bet it could, but the dull eyes, manifest lack of energy and enthusiasm from the person sitting behind the desk and who is going to have to use it means it probably will not. 

Technology for older people has to be used and purchased by them. Forget the state being involve. In fact try and stop them being involved. 

Message for marketers. Adoption of technology to assist older people will be driven by them. Market to them, ignore the institutions. Dick Stroud

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