Thursday, August 02, 2012

Home care is a technology free zone

Laurie Orlov's blog about the dire state of the US home care industry and its almost total lack of using new technology makes grim reading. You might also want to read the article in the New York Times blog that she uses throughout the posting. 

What makes it more worrying is that it closely reflects the position in the UK. 

Why care provision has become a technology free zone I do not know. There are so many ways that it could be used to make the process better and cheaper but instead, it is firmly stuck in the era of badly photocopied bits of paper that nobody seriously bothers to complete and hence nobody bothers to read. 

I know there are loads of great tablet and app providers who see the potential of this business but until there is a fundamental mind-shift in the people that manage the industry it will remain firmly stuck in the 1970s. Dick Stroud

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