Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Cloud - something that is poorly understood

I am in the process of launching a ‘cloud based’ set of marketing tools.

I was horrified to read how little most people know/understand about the cloud, what it is used for and why it is ‘good thing’.

This article in Brand Channel is about research conducted in the US that found that many people think it is weather-related, or involves pillows, drugs or toilet paper.

The survey found that:

• 95% of those who think they’re not using the cloud, actually are

• 59% of people believe the “workplace of the future” will exist entirely in the cloud

• More than one third agree that the cloud allows them to share information with people they’d rather not be interacting with in person

I had better go back to first principles when explaining what the cloud is all about. Dick Stroud

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