Sunday, September 16, 2012

640 pages must say something of worth (maybe)

Feeling like doing a bit of heavy duty reading.

Start with the The 2012 Ageing Report - Economic and budgetary projections for the 27 EU Member States (2010-2060). This will get you warmed up - only 472 pages.

For Brits you can then move on to read the Fiscal Sustainability report (much is said about the costs of ageing and all that stuff). Only 168 pages.

Isn't it astonishing that we have mountains of data and forecasts produced by these government departments and yet all of this intellectual horsepower is incapable of forecasting what is going to happen to the European economies for the next 10 days.

I am sure all these reports will contain something of value but I am unsure if I have the will to try and find it. Dick Stroud

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