Sunday, September 30, 2012

A few words about Ms Rowlings

Much of the press is commenting about the new novel from Ms Rowling. You know, she is the lady that recently moved into a new £5 million property in Edinburgh. Oh yes, she has just published a new book about how nasty middle class Tory voters are wanting to put as much distance between them and, I think the term is, 'disruptive families'. You know, the sorts of people with 'social problems' who gravitate to living next to £5m properties.

From most of the reviews it seems that the Harry Potter magic has vanished and that what is left if 500+ pages of political rant.

Anyway, whatever you think her books there is one factor that marketers cannot ignore. The link between the wealthy consumers, you want to sell to, and politics. I think the above chart says it all. As a first cut of segmentation, the political complexion of the area is not a bad starting point. Dick Stroud

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