Saturday, October 06, 2012

A sad, sad tale of continuing declining wellbeing

Saga's Q2 report about the state of wellbeing of the older UK population crept out without much fanfare.

Probably just as well since the story it tells is not a happy one.

I think the graphic says it all. 

As I said when the survey first started - it is great but would be even better if it gave some measure of how these numbers compared with other age groups. 

I read in the press that Saga is valued at a couple of billion pounds so I am sure it must have the cash to expand its research budget. 

I am sure we will be returning to the subject of Saga's market value. It has done a good job in cleaning itself up but it is still wallowing in debt and is surrounded by companies ready to eat its lunch. 

On second thoughts - perhaps it had better go easy on its expenditure. Dick Stroud 

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