Thursday, November 01, 2012

Famous at long last in China

A couple of years ago the publisher of my last book asked if I would sell the copyright for it to be published in China. I said yes, updated the book, added a couple of new chapters and fired it off into the great publishing black hole.

I asked a couple of times if anything had happened and got a lot of shrugs and 'we will look into it' responses. I eventually gave up and thought no more about it.

I am currently in the middle of getting the various country Amazon web sites updated to support the launch of my new book. I will be writing MUCH more about this subject.

Gazing at Amazon China I see that there is another book listed under my name (see image).

I turned on translate feature and this is what it said:

The the modern aging marketing guide book, "a monograph describing the aging of marketing and brand management. Dick Strode is a British business man of the hour, is also a veteran specializing in marketing strategy consulting. In modern aging marketing guide book, "he proposed" age difference "marketing and brand management strategy, predicted the future trend of marketing and brand management. His insightful and unique point of view, so that readers see the limitless opportunities hidden in the "silver-haired" market.

I just hope to hell it is the Google translate feature that is not working too well rather than the translation of the book, otherwise I have no idea what the Chinese will think about the 50-plus market. Dick Stroud

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