Sunday, December 09, 2012

A odd article in Marketing Week about the 55+

Marketing Week has an article about research from Experian showing that the 15.5 million people in the UK who are over 55 years old,  rising to 21.6 million by 2022, fall into a couple of categories.

There are the ‘active retirement’ (AR). You know, the ones that are wondering along a beach, hand in hand, gazing into the sunset, wondering how to spend all of their money. Then there are the elderly needs (EN) who are huddled around a candle for warmth, living in the North of England, wondering where the money for the next tin of baked beans will come from. 

Just to make this article complete it has a title - 'Brands look to a silver-lined future'. 

On reading all of this stuff I immediately thought that the space time continuum had suffered a funny turn and this article had rematerialised from 2001. 

I feel sure that there is a lot more to the research from Experian than this article suggests. I fear that it has suffered the fate of being abbreviated into meaningless soundbites. 

It it worth reading the article for its amusement value. Dick Stroud 

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