Sunday, December 16, 2012

Big rise in the 65+ who are still working

Almost half of the rise in the UK employment numbers has been among the 50-plus, with the fastest rate of increase occurring among those 65+. This is according to the Institute for Employment Studies (IES). This organisation also said that almost a million people aged 65 or over are now in jobs, double the number 10 years ago and up 13% over the past year.

The IES claims that even though these older workers comprise only 3% of the working population, they account for 20% of the recent growth in employment.

Hopefully, the dimwits who still believe that older workers are gaining employment at the expense of the younger generation will have read the data since it also shows that over 65% of 65 year olds work part-time, compared with just 39% of 16-24 years and 30% of older workers work in managerial and professional jobs compared with only 9% of younger workers. So the jobs they are doing are not those taken by young people.

The question is  - so how are employers adapting the working environment now they have so many more older workers. They are not is my guess. Dick Stroud

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