Sunday, January 20, 2013

Politicians have no grasp on what to do about population ageing

The title of the blog posting runs of the tongue all too easily.

Most people I know, who have had any contact with the political and policy making establishment, would agree.

For those of you who don't have the chance to meet these people then this video will be a revelation.

The UK's House of Lords has been researching the issues of population ageing and how the various parts of government are responding. I know some of the people who given evidence.

This video shows the senior members of government responsible for health, care and pensions being interrogated by a ruthless (in the most positive sense of the word) committee chairman about exactly what is being done to change the NHS to respond to the changes caused by the rapid rise in older people.

The video is long (an hour) but watching it will give you a real insight into the enormity of change that is required and how little is being done.

You can listen to some of the other committee meetings from here. 

What the committee chairman does so well is to dismiss all of the political bluster and keep on coming back to fundamental question about what policy changes are being made to respond to the mega change to the requirements of the health, care and pension system. The real answer is very, very little. This should terrify Brits who will have to have to use state systems are increasingly unfit for purpose. 

I am not making a political point, the previous party (Labour) did nothing in their 13 years in power and probably made things a lot worse. 

I fear that my belief that the NHS is now "too big to succeed" is becoming horribly true. Dick Stroud

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