Sunday, January 20, 2013

Another look at Saga Zone - fun for some - not that many

I last looked at Saga Zone in March 2011.

The number of profiles has increased to 90,000 but on my calculations the activity levels have fallen. The search engine on the site has a nice feature that enables a search by activity and this is what it said - those active in the last:

30 days and we found 3248 matches.
7 days and we found 2168 matches.
3.5 days and we found 1883 matches.
1 day and we found 1436 matches

This seems to confirm my previous view that this site has a high intensity use by a few people. Probably no different to Facebook the only difference being that Facebook has a billion profiles.

From a marketing perspective it is difficult to see what value this site has. I am sure that Saga is providing it as a service rather than a way of making money. Just as well. Dick Stroud

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