Friday, February 08, 2013

Beware the hype, hope and crowd testing of health tech

As usual, Laurie Orlov spells out some inconvenient and financially painful truths about the wall of technology that is trying to improve our lives - especially older lives.

Too much technology, too little awareness, too little support systems, too much institutional inertia results in lots of failed business concepts and products.

This week in the UK the media has been full of revelations that the NHS (yes the 'marvellous' NHS) resulted in thousands of people dying and suffering because the most important component of the system was not fit for purpose. The people who are at the sharp-end of delivering care and support. No shed load of apps is going to anything about that.

Don't get me wrong. The potential for e-health, e-support, e-everything is huge. But, and a thousand buts, it will only become useful when the staff who are critical for its success make it work. In the UK we have a long wait for that to happen. Dick Stroud

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