Thursday, February 07, 2013

Where have all the jobs come from - self employed over-50s

The ONS has just published an analysis of where the jobs have come from in the UK.

The dimwits who want to stoke up intergenerational hassle claim it is oldies taking the jobs from the eager young. Rubbish.

This analysis shows that the main driver of jobs has been older people becoming self-employed.

Is this a good thing. It is when it means people are genuinely working but not when the term self-employed is a polite way of saying unemployed.

Fascinating data and a really good use of the zooming tool Prezi.

Well done ONS, you are really experimenting with your visual representation of data.

This report provides all the data you could ever want to know about the employment of the over-50s in the UK. Dick Stroud

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