Friday, February 22, 2013

Carphone Warehouse to help thousands of people get online through sponsorship of award-winning Spring Online campaign

There is so much doom and gloom news around at the moment that it is great to read something positive and that will be useful for older people in the UK.

My old chums at Digital Unite has announced that Carphone Warehouse will act as headline sponsor  for Spring Online.

This is one of the UK largest, annual digital inclusion campaigns which runs between April 22 -26 2013.

Spring Online is an award-winning campaign that provides good old fashioned practical help enabling people to understand, explore and enjoy digital technology. Whilst most people talk about doing this stuff and write reports saying why it should be done, Digital Unite gets on and does it.

Carphone Warehouse’s CEO, Andrew Harrison, said: “We are delighted to support Digital 
Unite’s Spring Online campaign which complements our vision to help make people’s lives better through technology. Digital exclusion is something we all should be addressing and with our presence on every high street coupled with friendly, knowledgeable store colleagues, we’re ideally placed to facilitate this leading initiative.

Furthermore, this campaign compliments our other corporate responsibility activity, Tablets for Schools, and of course our own Geek Squad.”

Good to see one of the UK's major retailers taking this subject seriously and putting its money on the line. Dick Stroud

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