Sunday, February 17, 2013

Excellent article in today's Sunday Times about growing old

Minette Marrin is one of my favourite columnists in the UK press and today she has written an amusing and 'from the heart' article about growing older.

Unfortunately, the Sunday Times is behind a paywall, but I will share with you her final few sentence that I think are horribly true and contain a lot of messages for marketers.

Actually, I think the baby-boomers will mostly be spared the decision of when to give up gracefully. Most of us belong to the sandwich generation, between struggling, impoverished adult children and extremely frail ancient parents and their constant need of funds. And at the same time, the welfare state is rapidly running out of money. So most of us won’t be able to choose to give up.
The generation that shopped till it dropped will have to work till it drops, to help support the generations on either side. The baby-boom generation will never have a time to think about taking it easy: it isn’t going to be easy.

That about sums up the state of play for most older Brits. Dick Stroud

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