Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fujitsu launches new phone into Europe aimed at older consumer

There are a couple of new smartphones aimed at older consumers being launched in Europe.

Technology Review has a good overview of what they are all about.

The Fujitsu Stylistic SO1 is the most interesting device. Based on the extremely popular  Raku-Raku (Easy-Easy) handset that has been sold for some time in Asia Pacific.

For a detailed description of the product read Digital Trends. 

A few things caught my attention:

  • Lots of thought has gone into the navigation and the way the keyboard works
  • It is possible to slow the speech - marvellous when you are trying to listen to some garbled voicemail message
  • The playback sound can be customised to the age of the user (I would like to see this in operation). But it sounds fantastic.

I would love to have a trial of the device - anybody reading this blog who would like to provide one? Dick Stroud

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