Saturday, March 02, 2013

Same news - eight years later - Australian boomers are big business

Back in 2005 I published a book The 50-plus market that was written in conjunction with OMD, the media agency of Omnicom.

One of the many findings of the research that OMD conducted to support the book was that Australian older consumers  - are very likely to change brands - very likely to try new products - very likely to look for new life experiences etc etc etc.

Well blow me down, but new research has discovered: 'Baby Boomers crying out for attention: ditch the stereotypes'.

Don't get me wrong. You cannot say this message enough times but there comes a point where you wonder if the marketing profession is being intentionally dim or is there another explanation?

Well I thought long and hard about this and concluded that there is not another explanation.

So thank you Mi9  for telling us in your ‘Australian Baby Boomers’ study, that boomers are unhappy with the way that marketers communicate and that only 10% of advertising spend directed toward the demographic.

You could have saved yourself the cost of the research and bought a copy of my book.

I just pray that in 2021 some other hot shot marketing agency is not suddenly discovering that the 75+ is not a group that marketers are ignoring. Dick Stroud

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