Thursday, February 07, 2013

Sorry Saga but I don't believe this reason for shutting Saga Zone

For many years I have been a Saga Zone watcher. Yes, I know I should get out more and find a hobby, but I have been interested in the rate of growth (or not) of the site and my contention that age is not a sufficient factor that binds people together.

I hate to say it but looks like I have been proved right. In my last post about Saga Zone I looked at the visitor and user numbers. They were not good.

So Saga, like 50Connect before them, has used the excuse for closing that it is all about racial and sexual comments.

Sorry guys, that excuse is is for the birds. There was no money to be made in site and that was that.

However, I now see that 50connect has come back to life and has forums again. So maybe Saga should have said hasta la vista baby rather than gone for ever. Dick Stroud

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