Saturday, March 09, 2013

Mismatch between the Assisted Care Industry and their clients

Just get your head around these quotes from Laurie Orlov’s latest blog about Assisted Living residences in the US:

  • The average age of resident move-in is now 87
  • When residents move in, they already need help with three to five activities of daily living (ADLs)"
  • Memory care units are 80% of the business of assisted living providers. 
  • On average a ‘memory care’ provider (read Dementia Care) charges 42% more than your average care place.

Maybe it is me, but I think there is a massive mismatch between the physical condition of Assisted Living industry’s clients and how the industry is established and resourced.

Do the architects, designers and people who decide the staffing of these places really have an understanding of the needs of their clients.

There might be some excuse for facilities that were built many years ago not being aligned with the needs of their clients but I bet that new-builds are not reflecting reality. Would anybody like to prove me wrong? Dick Stroud

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