Thursday, March 28, 2013

The value of older customers for the personal trainer business

A few weeks back I had a delightful morning talking with Erak Simsson who runs a very successful personal training business in Salisbury in the UK. Erak's business (The Personal Wellness Studio) covers both "training the trainers" and direct training of clients. Many of Erak's clients are in the older part of the age spectrum.

It was great fun doing the interviews (as I hope is clear from the videos) but also very instructional for me because it made me think about the way older people are reacting to the challenge of physiological ageing.

I am certain that the personal training business will benefit greatly from the ageing population as long as learns to talk the language of the older person and find ways of resonating with their  concerns and ambitions. For most, this means getting and keeping fit to help prevent some of the muscular and skeletal conditions that can spoil their older years.

Erak, thanks for making the videos. Dick Stroud

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