Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Expenditures of the Aged Chartbook, 2010 - don't be put off by the name of this document

When I first came upon this report I wondered what the hell it was about - expenditure of the 'Aged'.

Perhaps not the most engaging title. Horrible to think that being 'aged' start at the youthful age of 55.

Anyway, leaving that to one side, Expenditures of the Aged Chartbook examines the spending patterns of the population aged 55 or older, focusing mainly on the expenditures of those aged 65 or older.

The bottom line of this document is to provide information about the the standards of living, such as expenditures based on data from the 2010 Consumer Expenditure Survey Public-Use File, sponsored by the Bureau of Labour Statistics.

Not only does the report have this odd title but it has a strange way of presenting the data in terms of the 'Consumer unit (CU)'. How this differs from 'household' I am not sure.

If you are interested in the way that older Americans spend their money then this is something worth downloading. Dick Stroud

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