Friday, April 26, 2013

Gen X and Boomers not that far apart

These are factlets from MetLife about Gen X in the US.

Gen X (1965 and 1976) - now aged 36-47 (save you doing the sums) - have grown-up (ish)

70% of Gen Xers live with a spouse or partner.

Have an average of 2.5 children

  • 82% own their own homes
  • 17% of those report that the value of those homes is less than the debt attached to them. 
  • 43% have remained in the same type of career throughout their working years
  • 75% are working full or part-time. 
  • 10% are grandparents.
  • 19% earn less than $35,000 per year
  • 29% earn more than $100,000. 
  • 43% graduated from college.
  • 50% say they are behind on their retirement savings 
  • There are 50 million Xers compared to 77 million boomers.
  • 20% provide regular care for their aging parent(s).
  • 60%n report they include exercise in their daily routines.
  • 20% have never been married.
  • 20% have been married more than once.

The really interesting thing is who they identify with - not their kids. The older they are the more they identify with their parents. I guess life doesn't change that much. Dick Stroud

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