Tuesday, April 30, 2013

We had better get used to the concept of the un-retired

When I first read the article in Economist about the un-retired it conjured-up images of the un-dead.

It would seem that one in 20 men over 50 now counts as part of the “unretired” who tried retirement but decided it was not for them and simply went back to work.

You can imagine the scene. After going through the long list of "things to do" and probably seeing the bank balance diminish at a faster rate than expected, there is an incentive to dust off the work clothes and get out there an mix it with the 9-5 brigade.

I am sure the explanation is a lot more complex than that but it is an interesting concept. It would seem that once the guy goes back to work so does the female partner.

You can read an abbreviated description of the research in the Telegraph. 

I think the issue for marketers is that what with people delaying their retirement date and now this group who go back after leaving the workforce it means there are going to be even more active older consumers about. That is a good thing. Dick Stroud

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