Sunday, May 12, 2013

Spring is in the air and a couple of marketing to oldies ventures are launched

Think you know all of the facts and figures about the importance of the older consumer. Think again. This video was released to promote a new US agency (Type A Group)

One of the founders of the business is Bob Hoffman who writes a great blog about advertising. If you have never looked at The Ad Contrarian then you should.

It will fascinating to see what approach he takes to advertising to oldies. Will he be a generational zeitgeist sort of fellow? An exponent of lifestage or lifestyle marketing. All or none of these? For sure the industry needs some fresh thinking rather than the regurgitation of the same old arguments.

The UK has its own new venture (Mature Marketing Association). This organisation is: "committed to promoting the concept and benefits of 'mature marketing' to the business, marketing and media communities." That cannot be a bad objective.

I wish both organisations luck. For sure the more noise that is made about marketing to older consumer the better. Dick Stroud

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Mark Beasley said...

Hi Dick
Many thanks for mentioning the Mature Marketing Association. We are in 'pre-launch' mode at the moment but will announcing a launch event very soon. You are of course top of the list of invitees.
best regards