Saturday, May 25, 2013

The longest loading web promotion of all time? I think so.

I was reading the Google publication about techy stuff and it had some words about the repositioning of the Lincoln brand in the US.

It looked interesting. Lots of young creatives and techies oozing with enthusiasm and insights and with a client who probably had more money than sense.

I am a sucker for this and thought I would have a look at the 'experience'.

I started with the High Definition version but soon gave that up and move to standard definition.

A long time after a pressed go I got something of interest and then the message that I needed to enable some more software.

I might not have the fastest broadband and processor in the world but it is not the slowest (6Mb broadband and a recent iMac) but still gave up before reaching the point where the 'experience' started. Maybe it is me or just maybe the agency tried to be a tad too clever. Dick Stroud

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