Saturday, June 01, 2013

Generational stereotypes are a bit of fun but that is about it

As anybody who reads my blog will know, I am dubious about the value of generational stereotypes. The danger is that they have a ring of truth about them but when you spend a few minutes digging about you find them of little use.

They have much in common with astrology.  If you were born on such and such a date you are this type of person. If only life was that simple.

Where the theory of stereotypes enters the world of fantasy is when you then try and compare them for different age groups. You know the sort of thing - Seniors are like this, Boomers like that, X and Y differing in this way and Generation Z is altogether different.

This blog posting is about how Generation Z are different from their parents, grandparents and great grandparents. It contains lots of statements like: " This is a generation that cares about consensus-building and sticking with the systems that bind us together. And in order to rebuild after crisis, the generation will stress conformity – because nonconformity is a guilty-pleasure of a generation with no crises (like the Baby Boomers growing up in the 50s). Generation Z will focus on being part of the whole rather than differentiating themselves as special."

I guess its makes good reading in the lightweight press but lets hope nobody ever takes it seriously. Dick Stroud

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