Saturday, June 01, 2013

When designing equipment the default should be incremental complexity

This is a nice item from Ageing in Place Technology Blog about the the way that the new Samsung Galaxy S4 make it difficult to change between ‘Standard Mode’ and ‘Easy Mode' and would you believe has the default set to 'Standard'.

One of the biggest gripes of older people is designers make technology too complex. The reason is that most designers think that the more functionality you dump into a product the better it is. What is hard for designers to do, that is why so few do it, is to make a complicated product look simple.

There is no excuse with the menus of electronic products not to group the functionality into sets that can be made increasingly more complex.

Most people learn how to use a device by mastering a core of the functionality and then progressing up the complexity curve (if they need/want to).

Do read the blog, it is very funny. Dick Stroud

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