Saturday, June 01, 2013

Google+ - glad it is not just me that doesn't get it.

Google+ is an interesting conundrum as many people feel obliged to use it in the face of any logic and just because “it’s Google”. Not my words but a blog post from Econsultancy.

The blog goes on to say. We’re all sitting around expecting that one day Google will unveil its true purpose and all the effort will have been worthwhile, but at the moment I feel that blind optimism is one of the only things keeping it going.

So, do brands continue updating their G+ pages and searching for unique content even while nobody is bothering to look at it, or just accept that it’s not going to reap them any benefits in terms of reaching their target audience and focus on Facebook and Twitter instead?

I feel so much better because I just thought it was me who was missing the point. I religiously share my blog posts on G+ but have no idea if that is worth the couple of seconds that it takes.

Come on Google. Either put G+ out of its misery or call it a day. Dick Stroud

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