Sunday, June 02, 2013

Health Innovation@50 finalists - blog from Laurie Orlov

Read Ageing in Place Technology Watch blog for the list of companies that made it to the final of new technologies for health (US). here is a summary.

AdhereTech. AdhereTech has created wireless pill bottles that improve medication adherence.

CoPatient. CoPatient identifies medical billing errors and negotiates medical debt for consumers.

Home Team Therapy. Home Team Therapy uses online video and the Microsoft Kinect sensor to help physical therapy patients exercise at home.

LabDoor. LabDoor uses science to tell you what’s really in dietary supplements.

LifeVest. "LifeVest is the "stock" tied to your health. That will take some understanding (DS)

SoundFest. SoundFest develops and sells RealClarity an app and an elegant wireless earpiece to offer a powerful, low-cost solution for hearing assistance.

Veristride. Veristride provides an integrated shoe insole / smartphone / analysis solution that gives users their own information about their movement abilities.

Wello. Wello lowers the barriers to getting healthy by delivering a convenient and accountable fitness solution.

Isn't it great that there are so many new companies trying to make a buck from the healthcare market. Heavens knows how many will make it but some will and alter the way we deliver health and care solutions. Dick Stroud

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