Monday, June 03, 2013

P&G Slashes Wasteful Display Ad Budgets Using Eye-Tracking

This headline certainly made me have a read. In fact the complete title of the article in AdWeek was P&G Slashes Wasteful Display Ad Budgets Using Eye-Tracking CPG titan enhances ROI in Europe by up to 25%

The company that achieved this remarkable improvement in performance is called Sticky

Don't bother looking at the site for any detailed explanation of exactly how the eye tracking works. You get more of an explanation on Eye Track Shop that is the same company.

I would love to know in detail how this works because I can see some fantastic benefits for companies that are attempting to target older consumers since we know the way they view web pages and and hence online advertising is different to their grandchildren.

If anybody from the company ever reads this blog and could send me any insights into how they manage research different age groups I would be really pleased. Dick Stroud

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