Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bank Mum and Dad in need of re-financing?

Last week there was a full page advertisement in the UK press in the form of a letter to "Bank Mum and Dad" explaining that life is getting harder for them as UK house prices begin to rise.

There was even a domain for the bank.

The organisation behind this deception (if that is the right word) is Shelter, the UK charity that is about improving the housing opportunities of the poorer members of society - at least that is what I think it does.

Full marks to Shelter for trying something new to capture attention. I fear that it might have been a bit too clever for its own good. Whilst the marketing industry might know what the term "Bank Mum and Dad" is all about I am not so sure that the great British public is so well informed. I suspect it will have left a lot of people guessing.

Still, nothing ventured nothing gained. Dick Stroud

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