Thursday, February 06, 2014

Boomers culinary trend mapping report

This publication sound very interesting and so it should for $3,000

 "The report spotlights nutritional and dietary patterns that feed Boomers’ decisions on dining and food purchases.   Food industry professionals are wise to focus on the evolution of these wellness trends and to differentiate between needs of the three groups of Boomers: young Boomers (ages 49-54), middle Boomers (ages 55-61), and older Boomers (ages 61-67)."

I would be fascinated to know how these requirements of three groups differs but I guess I am never going to find out.

Very little has been written about the impact of physiological on diet and taste.

The subject is covered in my recent book written with Kim Walker. Let's hope some of this expensive report seeps out into the public domain. Dick Stroud

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