Thursday, February 06, 2014

Multicultural marketing is dead. Something that also applies to age-centric marketing?

Diageo's vp/multicultural marketing for North America is quoted in WARC as making this statement:

"We're not multicultural marketers. We're marketers. And marketers do what? We market to consumers. We find insights. We find connection points. We find ways to drive people to choose our brands versus somebody else's."

Now for the word 'multicultural' substitute 'age-centric' or 'boomer' or '50-plus'. Does the statement still hold true?

Of course it does.

One of my fundamental rules of marketing is that it should be age-neutral unless you can PROVE there are significant reasons why age changes behaviour. The same applies with culture.

So when somebody ask me what I do my response is I am a marketer that happens to be well informed about older consumers. Dick Stroud

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