Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spending habits of older Australians

This item appeared in Your Life Choices blog - always well worth reading to see what is happening in Australia with its older consumers.

There are over 6.3 million over 50s in Australia – they make up over 30% of the population.

The YOURLifeChoices Retirement Insights Survey 2014 received responses to 45 questions from nearly 7500 Australians aged over 50.

Here are the top line results:

Over 70% of the 50+ shop online

So what are they intending to buy over the coming year?

Over 70% of the respondents intend to purchase vitamins and supplements - about 20% will buy them online.

46% intend to buy white goods with 17% shopping for their new fridge or dishwasher online.

Well worth looking at the rest of the results. Dick Stroud

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