Sunday, April 06, 2014

The latest ad from Marks and Spencer - awful just awful

OK, here you go. Brief to ad agency.

We are not doing too well selling clothes so come up with an ad campaign that is going to make a difference - to re-establish Marks and Spencer as a trusted supplier used by women of all ages but in particular by older ladies.

Not a problem says the agency. Many late nights and a hundred and one concepts later they have it cracked.

Take a photo of a group of variously shaped ladies, ensure only a who few people will recognised (maybe one or two), add in a bit of political correctness, have them wear the worst selling of the clothes lines, get some fancy named photographer and the result is bound to work.

Well it doesn't.

Most commentary about the ad reflects the bemusement of why M&S would do such a thing and speculating that there must be some deeper meaning in it all. A couple of the press items reflect a more aggressive view - like my own. This is what the Telegraph and Marketing Week had to say. Dick Stroud

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