Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Who Do We Think We Are? The BBC has been researching the answer

Last week the BBC published the results of some research it has done trying to understand something more about who the Brits think they are.

One of the charts that most interested me was "what is important to your identity"

Interestingly, age is about as important as music and a long long way behind Interest and Leisure Activities.

A more detailed analysis of the research is published in PDF format. Why not in Excel I don't know.

This showed that there was some difference by gender and age - not surprisingly.
35-54.... 15%
55+.... 23%

35-54.... 20%
55+.... 28%

I think the differences by gender are the really interesting ones.

Now I guess you could say that the top three items are also affected by age so they are really proxy issues for age?

I am not so sure. Dick Stroud

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