Monday, June 23, 2014

The ageless internet - I am not so sure

An online panel of 1012 UK consumers aged 30+ took part, nationally representative in terms of age, gender, social economic groups and regional spread. Mmmm. Seems a rather small sample size to do all of those things.

And the only people researched were those already online and capable enough of completing an online survey. Methinks that might skew the results?

The report is useful in that it challenges the stereotypes and is nicely produced. Just be aware of the issues with the sample when reading. Dick Stroud

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Unknown said...

Dick, we share your concerns re: only online. For that reason, when Creating Results set out to survey "Social, Silver Surfers" we conducted polling in person at senior centers, major events, attractions and more.

I know we gained a tremendous amount of insight by including a true range of older adults.