Monday, August 18, 2014

Ageing tennis players or is it the uniqueness of Roger Federer

There is ageing and then there is ageing.

I love watching tennis and it really amuses me when the commentators talk about 'old' tennis players - in particular Roger Federer. Somebody who really should be playing the seniors competition aged 33 and a mature father of four.

Well last night they had a field day when Federer won in Cincinnati but not only that, he beat David Ferrer - another ancient player (32).

Can you believe that this was the first Masters 1000 final between two thirtysomethings in the 24 years of the competition, but the fourth in a tour final this year.

So perhaps we should start to talk about tennis as an ageing sport? I guess it is proof that with the right training and diet players can keep at their peak for longer. It might, however, just be a one-off and reflect the brilliance of Roger Federer. Dick Stroud

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