Monday, September 01, 2014

50 ways to kill your mammy - what does it tell us about oldies?

To be honest I am not sure what it tells us about oldies?

I first got to read about the programme when it reached the marketing press.  This article resulted from some commissioned research to promote the programme  with the startling conclusion that older people wish they had done a lot more reckless things when they were young. Yawn!

You can read some more about the programme here.

The most interesting thing I found was when I went to the transmission channel (Sky) to read the promotional material about the programme and discovered the UK audience data. 

When I first started my interest in the 50+ (as it was then) I remember the head of research at OMD saying to me that marketers are really only interested in 16-34 ABC1s.

Look at the way Sky displays the sales information about this programme. Clearly little has changed in the past decade. How sad. Dick Stroud

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