Monday, September 01, 2014

Why do the old annoy the young?

The title of the article in Forbes was: "Why Millennials Are Scared Of Seniors."

What the article described was not being scared of seniors (US for 65+) but more about why this group annoys/disturbs the young.

I suggest you have a read.

The author proposes a shopping lists of reason and I think she is right. There is no single explanation.

For instance, why do young people swap checkout lines when they see an older person in front of them? Well I have to be honest, so do I and believe me I am far from being young. The reason? Some older people, for a mixture of physical and attitudinal reasons move slowly (very). They seem as if they have all the time in the world (which they do) and are oblivious to the aggravation they cause as a line of people are anxious to get served, whilst they engage the check-out operator in banal chat. You can see that it does bug me!

Now there is another part of me that says - who has got it right? I am rushing around and the older person, who might be my age,  is moving at the right speed - why rush?

Another explanation is that when a young person see an older person they see somebody who has taken their job and is being swamped in cash by the state. Not sure I buy that one.

It is pointless denying it but some generations do grind with each other. As marketers it is best we recognise that and act accordingly. Dick Stroud

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